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# 2: Satan’s Declaration of Independence

A declaration of independence can be good or bad.  For our founding fathers and for America is was good.  As great and as earth shaking as that declaration was, there have been three other declarations of independence that have had an even great repercussion on us and on our world.


The first was Satan’s Declaration of Independence from God which is recorded in Isaiah 14:12-19  and Ezekiel 28:11-19.  Satan was perhaps the first of God’s creation, Lucifer, a glorious, beautiful cherub whose life was devoted to glorifying God’s holiness and majesty. (Cherub is singular and cherubim is plural.)


The time came when Lucifer was not satisfied with his exalted position in Heaven.  He rose up in rebellion towards God and God cast him out of Heaven.  He could have instantly destroyed him, but in God’s wisdom, omniscience and sovereignty, He chose to allow Satan (formerly Lucifer)  freedom to carry out his enmity towards God on this earth that He created.


Though there are myriads of angels, it is my observation that there are only four cherubim  now.  Lucifer had been the first of five cherubim. Now that Lucifer has been banished from that position, Revelation 4 and 5 speak of four living creatures (cherubim)  In Revelation 4 they glorify God the creator and in the 5th chapter they glorify God (The Lord Jesus Christ) as our Saviour.


Tracing cherubim through the Old Testament, we find them first in Genesis 3:24 guarding the entrance to the Garden of Eden to keep sinful man from ever returning.


In the Book of Exodus we see images of the cherubim embroidered into the heavy veil that separated sinful men from the Holy of Holies where God was present with His people, Israel.  We also see golden images of cherubim hovered over the Ark of the Covenant, symbolically guarding this holy place behind the veil.  


In Ezekiel 1 we see a description of cherubim that defies our ability to fully comprehend.


Satan is in the world today leading fallen mankind to continue his revolt against God.  Every person on the face of this earth is either surrendered to God or in revolt against God. If they are revolting against God, it is certain they are not free; but rather slave to Satan.


Satan and those who revolt with him against God will eventually be cast alive into the eternal Lake of Fire as is taught in Revelation 20:10-15

  We are most like our first spiritual father, Satan when we are proud, rebellious and hateful.  We who are born again through faith in Christ are most like our Heavenly Father when we are holy, humble and loving.


June 28, 2007 - Posted by | Declaration of Independence

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