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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

#3: Man’s Declaration of Independence from God

No sooner had Satan declared his independence from God and was banished from Heaven, when he appeared on God’s newly created earth in the Garden of Eden.  He indwelt a serpent and approached Eve with the temptation to join him in his rebellion by disobeying God in the matter of eating fruit from the forbidden tree in the midst of the Garden.


Adam and Eve together joined Satan in his rebellion towards God as it is described in Genesis 3.   As children of Adam and Eve, the entire human race has inherited Adam’s sinful nature and we are all born sinners. Read Romans 5 concerning this truth. It doesn’t take long for that rebellion to reveal itself in our sinful human nature.  Isaiah 53:6 testifies to us that we are all as sheep that have gone astray. We’ve all gone our own ways, thinking we were free, when in reality, we are slaves of Satan.


Every man thinks he is free to do his own thing.  In reality, there are only two super powers in the world:  God and Satan.  Though sinners refuse to believe they are in bondage to Satan, the fact is, they are. 


The Pharisees in Jesus day, refused to believe they were in bondage to Satan. Read their conversation with Jesus about this in John 8:31-45  It’s amazing how they boasted that they had never been in bondage to anyone, when in reality they had been in bondage in Egypt for 400 years  and in Babylon for 70 years  and now they were slaves of the Roman Empire.

No sinner is free.  As a slave of Satan, he can only sin.  It’s only when one has put his trust in Christ as Saviour and Lord that he discovers true freedom for the first time in his life.  Speaking of Himself in John 8:36  He said to them and to us, “If the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed!”  Have you cast yourself on Christ and found that true freedom. 

June 27, 2007 - Posted by | Declaration of Independence

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