Hidden Treasures

The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

#5: Caution

Some Americans take their freedom to extremes and go and live in a commune or compound out in the wilderness totally independent of fellow Americans.  Their attitude is, “I have my guns and provisions.  I have no need of anyone or anything.  I refuse to pay taxes. No one tells me what to do.”  Such people are dangerous and un-American. 

 So there are Christians who carry their freedom to extremes. “No one tells me what to do. I have my freedom in Christ! I am answerable  to no one!”  Such people reject being accountable to anyone. They reject being involved in a Bible preaching church. They reject Bible preachers and even the authority of the Bible itself. 


What if the framers of our US Constitution had refused to come together and seek God’s wisdom for the framing of our Constitution?  We would have no union today.  We would just be a group of independent, autonomous colonies. In fact, we probably would have been conquered by some world power.


What if the early Church had not come together under the submission of the Apostle’s Doctrine as given to us in the inspired Scriptures?  The Church would have had no foundation and would be non-existent today.


Thank God for our freedom from condemnation and from the power of Satan through Christ. Thank God also for His Church, purchased with His shed blood and under His sovereign Lordship. Thank God for His inspired, infallible Word that teaches us not only how to be saved, but how to live as Christians. Thank God for the inter-dependence we can enjoy as fellow Christians in order to grow and be useful Christians.

I trust you can say, “Thank God, Jesus has freed me from Satan and from the power and penalty of sin.  I love my Master.  I will not go free.  I will obey His Word and joyfully serve Him all my life.”

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