Hidden Treasures

The Bible is much more than a book of religion.


In 1776 America was born in one of the greatest explosions of freedom in all of history 

Our Founding Fathers paid the ultimate price for the freedoms and blessings we enjoy today. The greatest document in all of history,  next to the Bible,  is the Constitution of the United States of America with its republic form of government; with it’s checks and balances in it’s three branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial  and with its free elections.  The 1700’s was the time of our childhood with its zeal and excitement.The 1800’s was  the time of our adolescent idealism.The 1900’s was the time of our affluent middle age. About that time the fatal disease of humanism began to destroy us, the disease that makes man his own god. It was during this time that the Bible upon which our nation was founded began to be rejected and become irrelevant. Since that time our nation has rapidly declined as evidenced by our godless modern culture, our rising national debt, racial strife, immorality, abortion and all sorts of crime and political confusion as well as our increasing loss of liberty.

Why are we losing our liberties? 

 We are losing our liberties to  increasing government bureaucracy and control because we have failed to understand the relationship of liberty and responsibility. 
Liberty is earned by assuming responsibility.  An adult who has not learned responsibility soon discovers that his liberties are severely curtailed.  A prisoner has no responsibilities and no freedom.  He has no internal control, so he is controlled externally. 

What is that internal control?   


CHARACTER!  Character is a quality of life. It affects our personality, attitudes, convictions and life-style.  It results in a person’s basic philosophy of life. Character is the  willingness and the ability to assume responsibility which  results in freedom.


How does character affect the way we live?

1. We keep our word.

2. We  pay our bills on time.

3. We keep our appointments on time.

4. We control our use of credit, never allowing ourselves to go over our head in debt.

5. We work faithfully for our employer, even when other workers are wasting time.

6. Employers pay their employees generously and produce products and services of value.

7. Students do their homework without being coaxed or threatened.

8. Children do their chores without being told.

9. We clean our homes instead of flopping on the couch and watching TV all day.

10. It enables parents to carry out needed discipline, even when they don’t feel like it.

11. It helps us go to church when we would rather stay home and watch TV. or go fishing.

12. It helps us keep our promises.

13. It enables a married couple to stay together, even when their love  grows cold at times.

14. It enables a young couple to be pure on a date, even when the temptation is strong to do wrong.

15. It gives courage to stand publicly for that which is right, even when scorned and ostracized.

16. It give strength to be honest when we are tempted to cheat. 

What is true of individuals is also true of nations.  Look at Israel in the Old Testament.  When Israel obeyed God’s Laws, they had freedom under God. When they disobeyed, they lost their freedoms.  The more character  Israel  had, the more internal strength they had and the heathen fled before them. On the other hand, the less character Israel had, the less strength they had and they fled from their enemies.


What gave character to the Founders of our nation and brought about the freedom we enjoy as Americans? 

The Pilgrims who came to our shores from England and Europe, brought with them a Biblical philosophy  and life-style. This equipped them for the severe hardships and struggles of founding a new nation.  Their Biblical philosophy was foundational to their lives: personally, economically, socially, politically, and educationally. Every decision was made in the light of the Bible. 

Over the next century a surge of immigration brought in a diversified population with no unifying element, except a desire for liberty and opportunity. The Church and State became increasingly separated. At the beginning of the eighteenth century revival fires began to burn all over America as preachers like Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield,  John and Charles Wesley and others preached God’s Word. God used this to bring about The Great Awakening.  Christian colleges such as Harvard, PrincetonRutgers, Dartmouth, Yale and others were established by Christian leaders of character. Jonathan Edwards, the preacher who preached the famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” was the first president of Princeton. These and other schools throughout the land trained the preachers and political leaders who eventually established our  “one nation under God” and produced a generation of citizens who were ready to assume  freedom with its responsibilities.


What has happened to bring America to its moral low today? 

The rise of religious liberalism during the nineteenth century and  on into the twentieth century  led people to reject the inspiration and  infallibility of the Bible and with that rejection of God and His moral standards,  there came a growing acceptance of immorality.  Movies and television  have made it increasingly popular and accepted. Humanism invaded our public schools, fathered by Horace Mann and John Dewey.

By 1963 the Bible and prayer were legislated out of the public schools and out of our national life. As a result, our population lost their character and sense of responsibility. We lost our dependence on God and put our dependence on government.

It was no longer, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”  instead it’s “The government is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”  We either choose security by the government or find our security in God.  The only true freedom we can ever know is  freedom under God  A prisoner is totally secure and totally a slave of the penal system.  A lion in the zoo  is totally secure and has no freedom to be what he was born to be. So is the citizen who has learned to depend on the government for his support.   

What happens when people lose their character? 

1. They gradually lose their freedoms as the government takes over the control of their lives. 

2. They lose pride in workmanship.

3. They become sloppy and dirty.

4. They don’t care about others.  They only care about what they can get out of government.

5. They develop an “anything goes” mentality.

6. They cease being truthful and trustworthy.

7. As a nation loses character, it affects the monetary system. Money loses its value. Property,   houses, cars     and other things don’t increase in value.  It only takes more  dollars of less value  to buy them.

8. Music, art and literature are affected by loss of character as beauty is replaced by ugliness.

9. Like the people who rejected God in the book of Judges, we become a lawless society as “every man does     that which is right in his own eyes.”

In the past  50 years I’ve watched with a broken heart as America has slidden down the slide of immorality at an ever-increasing rate of speed.


What is our only hope?

 Our hope is not political, nor is it  found in the field of education.   Wall Street and the Federal Reserve System cannot solve our problem.  There is NO HOPE for America apart from turning back to God and to the Bible.  It starts with Christians.  “If MY people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven  and will forgive their sins and heal their land.” II Chronicles 7:14  That’s the only answer to the mess we find ourselves in America today. 

Christians must take the lead by getting right with God.  When that happens  God will intervene and  restore this nation.    “Righteousness exalteth a nation.  But sin is a reproach to any people.”  Proverbs 14:34  Throughout Old Testament history God gave Israel opportunities to repent. Whenever  they did,  freedom, peace and prosperity were restored.  God can do the same for us.  If we refuse to repent, our nation’s super-power status may  diminish to that of a third world power or into oblivion.


Heavenly Father, Forgive us Christians for our Laodicean* attitude. Turn us  back to the Bible and back to You. Help us as Christians to lead the way through our life and testimony. Help us to raise up a godly generation of young people who will reclaim this land.  Remove from national, state and local offices those who hate and oppose You and give us godly men and women to lead this nation.  Silence the voices and weaken the influence of those who rise up against You and against Your children.  Help us once more to return to the Bible for direction to guide us as a nation.   Lord Jesus, we look forward to the day when You will return to this earth as King of kings and Lord of lords and begin Your reign of peace and justice over the whole world.  We gladly submit to you right now to be King and Lord of our lives.  Use us to bless America and glorify Your name.   We ask in  Jesus name, Amen. * Revelation 3:14-22

I received most of this information from Dr. Don Howard’s pastor’s training to have an Accelerated Christian Education school in my church back in the early 70’s.

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