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Virtuous Woman series # 2: Beware of sexual sins

Lemuel begins rehearsing the warnings of his mother Bathsheba, recorded in Proverbs 31:2-3,  with the dangers of sexual sins.  Young men are given repeated warnings concerning this powerful temptation in Proverbs 2:10-22,   5:1-23,  6:20-36, and  7:1-27.   I encourage you to take time now to read those passages.


Sex is a beautiful gift of God


Sex is a beautiful gift of God given to men and women to enjoy within the holy bonds of matrimony.  In the beautiful Song of Solomon, a short book of the Bible that follows Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, the bride and her bridegroom sing of the delights of sexual  intimacy.  All of this is a picture of the spiritual intimacy we have with Christ, our Bridegroom.


Taking a joy ride in the mountains


Sexual sins can be likened to taking a joy ride in the mountains in a car that is in need of repairs. Driving up the mountain and maneuvering the winding mountain roads is fun,  but as you start down the mountain, you suddenly discover that your brakes have failed. As the car speeds up careening back and forth, you eventually fly over the cliff to your destruction.


How well Bathsheba was aware of this danger as she warned her son, Lemuel, of this danger.


Sexual temptations everywhere


Temptations to sexual sin are everywhere: on the streets, in your classroom, in your office at work, even in church, as lewd women dress to entice men to see what they shouldn’t.   Men are taught in God’s Word not to lust after women.  Of course, it is just as much a sin for a woman to dress seductively to tempt men.  


Job made a covenant with his eyes not to think (lust) upon a maiden. That is recorded in Job 31:1. This is a good covenant for each of us men to make asking God for His help.


Beware of pornography.  It’s everywhere today:  on the internet, on TV, videos and in the movies.   Treat pornography as you would treat deadly radiation. Don’t ever play with sexual sin.  It will always take you further than you plan to go.  It will lead to pre-marital pregnancies, to venereal disease, including AIDS. For certain, it will leave a scar in your mind that will haunt you for years to come.


The only solution to sin


Psalm 119:9 gives the only solution. “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed thereto according to thy Word.” If your mind has been contaminated with memories of sexual sins of the past; the more you spend time reading and meditating on God’s Word, the sooner those mental images and memories will begin to disappear.


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