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Virtuous Woman #8: Her Adornment


The virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 is an example of virtue for women in every age, including the present age. She was counted righteous through her faith in God just as all men and women of every age have attained that righteousness through faith alone. I encourage you to read Romans 1-5 and make sure you are trusting in Christ’s imputed righteousness (the only righteousness that saves) and not your own self-righteousness that leaves you lost and condemned to hell.  


Faith in the saving righteousness of Christ alone, saves; but that righteousness produces a virtuous life, as exemplified by this virtuous woman of Proverbs 31.  This woman adorns her godliness with good works, as I Timothy 2:9-10 teaches.  Note from Proverbs 31  four areas of her adornment.


1. She is trustworthy. Proverbs 31:11=12


Her husband can trust her with his reputation, with his check book and credit cards, and with running the household.  If she handles the finances, she sees to it that the bills are paid on time. He can trust her to hold to the Biblical principles they discussed when courting.  She will not be a gossip nor share personal family matters with her prayer sisters.  Her chief prayer partner is her husband.  The two of them can be totally honest and open with one another.  


She will be his chief encourager and cheer leader; as well as his gentle critic. Without being a shrew or nag, she will encourage him to be his best at work, in the community and in their church.


She will put her own personal interests and ambitions on hold during the years they are raising their children. No personal goal is more important than that.  


To summarize, she is an asset to her husband and not a liability.



2.  She is an industrious, hard worker.  Proverbs 31:13-19


She is not a self-indulgent slob who lies in bed or on her couch all day, allowing their homes and families to fall apart while she allows other slobs and self-important worldy philosophers on television to mold her philosophy of life with their Satanic-inspired, anti-biblical  garbage.


She is not like the foolish woman of Proverbs 14:1,  who is destroying her own family.  Satan is very smart and cunning. He knows that if he can control the thinking and values of the mothers of this generation,  he has already conquered the next generation in his war against God.


And so the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31 works from morning till night planning and preparing hundreds of nutritious meals each year, washing tons of dirty clothes, cleaning up messes, repairing broken things or getting them repaired, shops within a budget that she and her husband have set, teaches, encourages and disciplines her children according to God’s Word and not some latest psychological fad in opposition to the Bible.


She gladly makes personal sacrifices for her husband and children, serving her family. In the early years of marriage it may involve living on a very tight budget and doing without a lot of things their parents have.  The wise couple will avoid going into debt for things that depreciate.  They will carefully shop for bargains.  She will not waste food nor allow her children to waste it.


As a mother of small children, she will sacrifice hours of badly needed sleep at night as she cares for them in times of sickness.  Her working hours are from very early in the morning until late at night.  All of this is for no pay but the smile of God and hopefully the appreciation of her husband and one day the appreciation of her grown children.


She looks for wise investments and financial opportunities; whether it is stocks, real estate or a home business.   She is not afraid of hard work. 


3. She has a tender heart for the needy.  Proverbs 31:20


Very much aware of God’s grace and blessing on her and her family,  her heart is tender to the needs of others.  Through her time, effort and resources, she sets an example of unselfish giving for her children.


4. Her clothing  Proverbs 31:21-25


She is primarily clothed with the virtues of moral strength and honor. That is, she is clothed in character.   If that is missing, outer clothing do not make the woman.  If character and modesty are missing, all other efforts to make herself beautiful are in vain.


There is no contradiction between Proverbs 31:22  and I Timothy 2:9-10 which teaches modesty and inner beauty.   With these inner qualities there is no reason why a woman should not be clothed with beautiful, quality garments, if she can afford them.  Often it is wiser and more economical to buy a $120 dress on sale for $30 than it is to spend money on cheap, poorly made clothing.


It is glorifying to God to look your best and call attention to Christ by the way you dress.  It is carnal to dress in such a way that  you call attention to yourself by dressing as a slob or dressing to show off your wealth as well as your body.


In addition, a virtuous woman sees to it that her children are well clothed and prepared for the weather.   Proverbs 31:23 could also teach that this mother has won her children to Christ and they are clothed in the righteousness provided through the shed blood of Christ.


No man or woman is perfect.


Women, don’t feel discouraged if you know you do not measure up to the ideal virtuous woman.  None of us men or women are perfect.  We are all sinners and we all have our flaws.  Our salvation is in Christ alone who died to pay the penalty for our sins.


Husbands, it’s your responsibility and privilege to love your imperfect wife unconditionally, just as she is,  with all her blemishes.  Remember, God loves you in your blemishes and faults.   Be patient with her.  I Corinthians 13 teaches that genuine love is patient and kind and long-suffering. She has her cycles of depression and discouragement.  Always be there for her and love her sacrificially.  Don’t focus on your sacrificial love for her, but on her sacrificial love for you.


She made some great sacrifices when she married you.


1. She sacrificed her family name to take on your name.  She gladly did it for herself and for the children that would come.


2. She sacrificed her own personal career and dreams to help you fulfill your hopes and dreams.


3. She daily sacrifices her life and energy , pouring it out as a sacrifice to God for you and your children.


4. She passes through the valley of the shadow of death to have your children.


For these and other sacrifices she makes, she deserves your sacrificial love for her happiness and blessing.  Thank God continually for your wife and take time to thank her daily for all she does for you.  You thank God for the food each day.  Do you thank her for her preparation of your meals each day, as well as for sewing buttons on your shirts.


How can you be a virtuous woman?   Make sure you have trusted in Christ as your Saviour.  II Peter 1:1-8 teaches that virtue comes from Him.


Surrender to Christ and allow His Holy Spirit to fill and control you.


Like Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, spend time in the Word.  Jesus said in Luke 10:42 that this is needful if you are to accomplish all your household tasks


Warnings to young people


Young men, don’t settle for  anything less than a virtuous woman when seeking a wife.


Girls, right now you are becoming the wife and mother you will one day be.  Seek to know God as you read His Word and ask God to make you a virtuous woman and to lead you to a virtuous, godly husband.  Don’t even consider settling for anything less than one who loves God more than he loves you.


Far better to be a virtuous woman and single than to compromise your Biblical principles and live with a broken heart the rest of your life!



May 17, 2007 - Posted by | Virtuous Woman

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