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Virtuous Woman #11 Her Rewards



In all of Jesus’ dealings with women, He taught them and treated them as equal with men.  Wherever Christianity goes and wherever the Bible is preached and taught, women are elevated and honored in a way not seen in non-Christian societies. In fact, some Satanic-inspired religions teach that women are simply sexual objects to satisfy the lusts of men now and in the after-life.


Paul taught in Galatians 3:28 that in Christ there is no distinction between men and women as far as their ability to  understand and appreciate Biblical truth. There is no distinction in capacity to serve the Lord; only in the matter of our roles. Paul teaches by inspiration of God in I Timothy 2:12 that because of God’s order in creation and because of Eve’s deception by Satan, women are not to usurp authority over men nor teach them.  That would rule out women pastors and evangelists, but it would not rule out women teaching women and children.  I have listened on the radio to some women teaching women and have rejoiced as they have dealt practically with the spiritual needs of women, perhaps better than a man could.  Certainly women generally are better able to connect with children than men can.  As a child, I was led to Christ by a woman and most of my Sunday School teachers were women.


But when it comes to our relationship with Christ, men are in  no way superior to women.  I Peter 3:7 teaches that men and women are heirs together of the blessings of life and the blessings of eternity.  Husbands and wives ought to be praying together and sharing together as they read and discuss God’s Word.


In this article we conclude our study of the Virtuous Woman, as we see her rewards, both now and in eternity.


Her Present Rewards


The very activities and accomplishments of motherhood are rewarding in themselves. Being able to make a beautiful loaf of home-made bread, preparing a nutritious, delicious meal and watching your family eat and enjoy it is a reward in itself.   Picking produce from our garden  and canning or freezing it for the winter was a family project in our home where our children grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


Finding and taking advantage of good bargains has been one way my wife has made our budget stretch.  If the husband is the money earner, the wife can contribute to the family budget by learning how to find bargains and save money.  A dollar saved is even more valuable than a dollar earned, when you consider the tax savings.


But beyond the inherent rewards of these mundane tasks, are even more wonderful rewards.   What greater reward could you have than that your husband is pleased and proud of you?  Husband, are you daily showing that love and appreciation to your wife?


Holding your new born infant close to  you and gazing into his or her eyes and seeing you and your husband reflected in those eyes is an unspeakable privilege and reward. No high-powered, executive position in the market place can begin to match it.


Being able to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of your children because you are home with them and watching them grow to adulthood is a joyous privilege and opportunity of 6,000 to 7,000 days that can never be repeated.  If you lose those days, they are lost forever!   You have only one opportunity to raise a child.  You must do it right the first time.  There are no second chances.  We must get it right the first time!


Oh, you wish it could go on forever, but God’s plan is for little children to grow up  into independent, responsible adults who do not need to depend on their parents anymore. 


Helping and watching your infant learn are precious opportunities that last only a few months.


Helping your toddler take his first steps and learn to feed himself are precious opportunities that will be enjoyed by your baby-sitter or by you.  It’s your choice.


Will you be at home when your first grader runs home from school waving a picture he has just drawn or to show Mommy an A on a test he just took that day?


Will you have the time to watch your son or daughter play sports on the school team?


Think of the opportunity that can be yours to taxi your children all over town to school, to the dentist, to music lessons or shopping for clothes.


Will you enjoy the privilege of helping to educate your children and seeing their eyes brighten as they learn new concepts?


Will you experience the joy of watching and listening to your children sing or play in a church or school program or recital?


Are you sitting with your children in church teaching them reverence and making yourself available  afterwards to deal with issues or questions the pastor or Sunday School teacher raised?


What an awesome opportunity you have to help your children understand the Gospel and lead them to Christ!


God gives you the blessed opportunity of counseling and praying with your children when they have problems and concerns and watching them mature in the Lord.


Are all these experiences worth giving up for a measly job?


Now a word to you precious single girls who teach and work with children and love them as big sisters.


God does not forget you. As Hagar, you can know that “Thou God seest me.”


God is aware of the time and loving care you pour into the lives of the children He has given you to teach and nurture.  “God is not unrighteous to forget your labor of love.” Hebrews 6:10


Her Future Rewards


After your children are raised and married and having their own children, there are new relationships to be learned and enjoyed.  The new relationship is no longer mother telling child what to do and expecting immediate obedience.  Now it’s a mature relationship of equal adults showing mutual respect and love to each other.  In this new relationship, mothers and fathers do well to stay out of the personal affairs of their married children.  How they should decorate their homes, raise their children and spend their money is no longer any of your business. Stay out of their affairs or they will shut you out of their lives.   You are still there to give unconditional love and emotional support.  Financial support?  No.  Let them learn to grow up,  budget their money and stand on their own feet. 


These are the years you have the pleasure of enjoying your grandchildren without the responsibility of raising them.  You will always have the opportunity of being a godly  example to your children and grandchildren.


Not only will you have the joy of the hearing words of praise and encouragement from your husband,  but as the children grow up and begin to experience what you experienced as parents of growing children; they will express appreciation and love to you for all you mean to them.  Husbands and wives, when will we ever learn that we best motivate our spouses by expressing our love and appreciation for them and not by speaking harshly to them?


This  31st chapter of Proverbs also speaks of the praise you will receive for your own works. This can include not only your own handiwork and hobbies, but more importantly,  both married and single women as well as men, can experience the joy of seeing lives changed for God’s glory because of your influence, perhaps years ago.  Revelation 14:13  speaks of how our works follow us when we die. Perhaps that is referring to our godly influence on future generations long after we have left this earth and gone to Heaven.


The  entire book of Proverbs, of which this 31st is the final chapter, is an intensely practical book.  Parents should teach it verse by verse to their children.  It’s all about wisdom and prudence in our relationships with one another.


If one is not able to interact in wisdom and tact with others, he or she is not prepared for adulthood, much less marriage.  Marriage is all about intense interaction on a deeply personal level.  We can’t do that by giving our spouse the silent treatment or exploding in anger.  If we’re growing in the Lord, we are also growing in our interpersonal relationships with one another.


Mystery of mysteries, Jesus, God in human flesh,  as a child “increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52     So it is our responsibility as parents to lead our children to Christ and teach them, primarily by our example, to become mature Christian adults who love the Lord and can interact with others in spiritual maturity.




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