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A deafening lesson

Sitting across the dinner table, a young lady shares a life-changing lesson from the elderly wife of Dr. Arthur Steele, the founder and first president of Clearwater Christian College in Florida. 

No matter how hard I have tried, I have never been able to forget Mrs. Steele’s confident, yet softly spoken response to my inquiry about the most important lesson she had learned as a college president’s wife.  Without hesitation, she shared that she had learned to “pray more than talk.”  Discerning my expression of skepticism, she leaned over the table and patted my hand. ” I learned that my husband needs to hear God’s voice, not mine.” 

Argh! The ringing of those words in my ears has been deafening at times. There have been moments when I’ve tried to suppress them with the excuse that the Lord has given me a very different personality from Dr. Steele’s “sweet beloved bride”, but I’ve never been able to escape the fact that one very Godly lady had placed within my heart an invaluable golden nugget of wisdom. Well, at least it was aimed at my heart; and because of God’s amazing grace, there are even moments when it finds refuge there! 


December 13, 2006 - Posted by | Gems

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