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Be Still and Know

“Be still and know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10.  Let me encourage you to read and meditate on this verse in the context of the entire chapter. I don’t need to remind you that we live in a world of constant war, crime, confusion, change, noise, disappointment, frustration and exhaustion.  Christians are constantly  shocked, angered and grieved by the decline of our nation into the cesspool of corruption and that we face the constant threat of terrorist attacks. 

We take pride in our constant busyness. We tend to look down on those who are not as busy as we are. Sometimes we foolishly compare our church with those around us and measure ourselves by whether we have the same activities as they have and whether we are as successful as they are. As Martha in Luke 10:38-42 we become bitter towards other who are not as involved as we are.

We’re like the man in I Kings 20:39-42 who was charged with guarding a prisoner with his life, but let him escape because he was “busy here and there.”  Too often we parents, especially we fathers, get so caught up in our work and other activities that we miss prime opportunities to spend with our children and before we know it they are grown up and gone!  To busy, anxious Christians, God invites us in Psalm 46  to be still and get to know Him.  

Don’t be lazy! 

As Jesus in Luke 2:49, so we ought to be about our Father’s business. Though we’re emphasizing the need to be still before God, we’re not encouraging inactivity and laziness.  Romans 12:11 teaches us to not be slothful in business, but fervently serving the Lord.   Jesus in Matthew 25:24-30  teaches that slothfulness is a sin.  The Christian life is likened to a race and to a warfare.  That’s ACTIVITY;  concentrated activity required to accomplish goals.  

Look at the early church in Acts.  Read of the Apostle Paul and the other apostles.  They were constantly on the go, working to the point of exhaustion.  Paul challenges us to follow his example as He followed Christ.  I Corinthians 11:1   Look at the Thessalonian church in I Thessalonians 1.  Talk about an active church!   What an example they are to all of us! 

Have a restful heart in your service. 

Even in the midst of our busyness, we are to have a restful heart.  The night before Jesus went to the cross,  He encouraged His disciples with wonderful, comforting truths recorded in John 14-17 beginning with  “Let not your heart be troubled.”  The Psalms are filled with encouragement and comfort for those going through discouraging and fearful times.  You know the 23rd Psalm. Camp out in the Psalms. Get to know all the rest of them as well. Turn off your  television with all its noise. Sit down with David in green pastures as he plays his harp and listen to him, a man after God’s own heart, as He shares inspired truth with you in the Psalms. What a wonderful way to come to Christ and find rest for your soul.  

Some of you reading this are still young and life is too exciting and full of fun to take time to spend reading and meditating in God’s Word.  I remind you that God is able to bring difficult circumstances into your life and  help you rearrange your priorities so that you find time for Him.  

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