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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

Saint or Brute?

“Richard Baxter was right to formulate the alternatives as ‘a saint – or a brute’.  That,  ultimately, is the only choice, and everyone, sooner or later, consciously or unconsciously opts for one or the other.  Nowadays, some will maintain, in the name of Humanism, that the ‘Puritan’ sexual morality of the Bible is inimical to the attainment of true human maturity, and that a little more license makes for richer living. Of this ideology we would only say that the proper name for it is not Humanism, but Brutism.  Sexual laxity does not make you more of a man, but less so; it brutalizes you, and tears your soul to pieces.  The same is true wherever any of God’s commandments are disregarded.  We are only living truly human lives just so far as we are labouring to keep God’s commandments; no further.” 

J.I. Packer  in  Knowing God

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Be Still and Show

The raging maniac was wandering through the cemetery naked,  bound by ropes, but breaking them with his super-natural strength. Luke 8:26-40 tells the story of how Jesus found him and cast out the demons that were tormenting him. Later the town’s people found him clothed and sane, sitting still at the feet of Jesus and learning. The people feared and begged Jesus to leave their area.  Isn’t that amazing?  While the demoniac was out of his head, the people could live with that; but when he was clothed and normal, it was more than the people could take. Their attitude towards Jesus  was irrational.    So our world under the domination of Satan is irrational and has gone mad. Jeremiah 51:7  Sin is glorified.  What a contrast it is to observe genuine Christians living peaceful, quiet, productive lives studying God’s Word in direct contrast to this noisy, sin-maddened world where there is no peace or sanity. 

If we claim to be  Christians we are advertisements for Christ.  We are His walking billboard. Let us  make sure that our testimony does not appear to be a weird disease that everyone wants to avoid.  If we are the Christians that we ought to be, Christ is going to increase in our lives and we are going to decrease.  That was John the Baptist’s motto in John 3:30.  This former maniac was so glad to be free of his demons and Jesus had become such a wonderful friend to him that he did not want Jesus to ever leave him again.  But Jesus had more work to do.  There were other needy people who needed Him, so He commanded his new Christian friend to go back to his town and share with his family and friends what God had done for him.   After he had sat quietly at Jesus’ feet learning, it was now time for him to go back home and demonstrate to those  who knew him  best what Jesus had done for him.  The new convert did as he was told and went back home to those who  knew him. They immediately saw the change. 

If we claim to be a Christians, but our lives show no evidence of the supernatural change Jesus makes,  it would be better for us to keep our mouths shut about Jesus.  We will only bring dishonor to His name.  Before you attempt to tell others about Jesus, make sure your life is backing up what you are saying.   Note how this story ends in verse 40.   This transformed man had evidenced such a changed life that when Jesus finally arrived in his city, the whole town gladly received Christ.  This world needs to see more show and tell genuine Christians clothed in their right minds.

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