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Service: Introduction


What is the purpose of being a Christian? Is it just to have my free ticket to Heaven, ignore others and live a self-centered life? Not at all!  In I Corinthians 12 we learn that every Christian is gifted by the Holy Spirit and called to serve God by serving  others.


Why should we serve?


In Romans 12:1-13 we learn how the Church, the Body of Christ on earth, is to function. The chapter begins by reminding each of us who have received the gift of salvation, of our obligation to God to present our lives to Him as a living sacrifice.  Then with the gifts He has given to us, we are to serve God by serving others.  No Christian is exempted.


How we are to serve?


We who claim to follow Christ as Christians have the responsibility to serve, even as our Master served when He walked this earth. Matthew 10:24-25 Jesus contrasts those of us who are in leadership positions in the church with those who lead in the world. He teaches that we can  best exercise leadership by serving others and not by lording  over others. Matthew 20:25-28


Read the following articles with your Bible  for further Biblical teaching on serving the Lord.



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