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Prerequisites for Service

Salvation is a totally free gift of God to sinners who come to the end of themselves, casting themselves on the mercy of God and trusting Jesus as their sin-bearer. Though one can get to Heaven without ever lifting a hand to serve the Lord, it’s unthinkable that a genuine Christian would ever live such a selfish life that he would have no time for God. There is no question that when that one met Jesus in Heaven, it would be with shame and sorrow for having lived a life that ignored the will of God. For more on this go to the PROPHECY link and scroll to  BEMA JUDGMENT

It’s  Normal to grow.

It is as normal for a Christian to want to serve the Lord as it is for a husband and wife to want to please and care for each other.. It is abnormal and selfish for a Christian to live only for his own satisfaction and pleasure and ignore God’s will for His life.

As a baby must grow and develop before he or she is capable of helping the family with household chores, so a new born Christian must hunger after and feed on God’s Word to grow and develop into a normal, healthy Christian, capable of serving the Lord.

Don’t be in a hurry to lead! It is unwise to put a new believer into a leadership position in the church, until he has had some time to grow and develop and evidence some spiritual maturity. See I Timothy 3:6. Of course, the newest of Christians is capable of introducing others to Christ. The Samaritan woman from theVillage of  Sychar, whose story is found in John 4, knew very little about Jesus; but she knew enough in the first hours of her relationship with Jesus to return to her village and invite others to come and meet Him.

As I said earlier, before a Christian can be given responsibility in a church, there must be spiritual growth and that maturity is evidenced by three things: a love for Jesus and His Word, faithfulness, and purity.

Do you love Jesus?

It is unthinkable that one who shows no love for Christ nor for His Word, nor for others is prepared to serve the Lord. After Jesus rose from the dead, He confronted Peter about serving Him. Read the touching story in John 21. As Peter had earlier denied Jesus three times, so now Jesus called on Peter three time to reaffirm his love for Him. Only when Peter loved Jesus with all his heart could Jesus use him in His service.

Are you faithful in small responsibilities?

A second evidence of a growing spiritual maturity is faithfulness even in the smallest of responsibilities. In fact I Corinthians 4:2 makes faithfulness a requirement for anyone before he is fit to handle any responsibility. Would you want your children crossing a busy intersection if the school crossing guard sat by the side of the road, distracted in conversation with a friend while the children tried to cross on their own? . A Christian who cannot be counted on to fulfill a minor task, I Corinthians 4:2 tells us, is not ready yet for responsibility in the church.

Are you pure in heart?

Purity is another requirement for one who is serving the Lord. As cleanliness is the most important factor when choosing a cup to drink from, so purity is the most important quality God looks for in those vessels that He chooses to use for His service. II Timothy 2:20-22.

Pastors, elders and deacons, as well as older men and women,  are to set a high standards of purity in their churches as taught in I Timothy 3 and Titus 2.1-5

Have you met God’s prerequisites for His service?


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