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Prophecy series #3: Purpose of Prophecy

The Lord Jesus Christ is the central theme of the Bible. He claimed in Luke 24:13-32 that the Old Testament was about Himself. It is fascinating and exciting to discover scattered throughout the Old Testament the types and shadows and direct prophecies of Christ’s first coming to be our Saviour from sin. Dozens of prophecies from His virgin birth to His crucifixion and resurrection were fulfilled in minute detail. The prophets also prophesied throughout the Old Testament of Christ’s second coming to reign as King over this earth.

The prophets themselves did not always understand what they were writing.
When the Old Testament prophets studied the prophecies they had written by inspiration of God, Peter explains in I Peter 1:10-12 that they could not clearly distinguish the difference between Christ’s first coming to suffer and die for our sins and His second coming to reign in glory. Certainly they knew nothing of a Church, composed of redeemed Jews and Gentiles. To them prophecy was like approaching the Rocky Mountains from the East, seeing them as one range from a distance, but learning of multiple ranges of mountains when driving through them.

A sampling of some of the major prophecies of Scripture
The following are some of the major prophecies and types or pictures of Jesus coming to this earth to die for our sins. Some refer to only His first coming. Others refer to both His first and second coming.

The prophecies in bold type are prophecies concerning Jesus’ Second Coming.

1. The Seed Plot of the Bible summarizes the heart of the message of the whole Bible. Gen. 3:15
2. Abel’s accepted blood sacrifice as a type of Jesus, was the perfect sacrifice for sin Gen. 4
3. Abrahamic Covenant. God’s promise to Abraham concerning Jesus Gen. 12, 17 & 22
4. Melchisidec, a shadow of Jesus Gen. 14 See Hebrews 7.
5. Abraham’s offering of his son, Isaac, a picture of God offering His beloved Son Gen. 22
6 The ram, the substitute for Isaac, pictures Jesus our substitute Gen. 22
7. Joseph, rejected by his brothers, saves them and reigns over them Gen. 37-50
8. A King to come from Tribe of Judah Gen. 49:10

9. Passover Lamb, a picture of Jesus, the Lamb of God Ex. 12
10. Sacrificial and scape goats on Day of Atonement pictures Christ Lev. 16
11. Brazen serpent in wilderness, an illustration of salvation Num. 21 and John 3:14-16
12. Balaam’s prophecy of a Star and Sceptre out of Jacob Num. 24:17
13. Every detail of the Tabernacle System in Exodus through Deuteronomy is about Christ.
14. Joshua leading Israel into the Promised Land is a type of Christ leading us into victory. Joshua is Hebrew name for Jesus
15. Ruth’s genealogy in Ruth 4:18-22 from Pharez, illegitimate son of Judah, to King David.
16. Davidic Covenant II Sam. 7
17. Job’s prophecy. Job 19:25-27
18. My King. “Kiss the Son” Psalm 2:6-12
19. Jesus Resurrection in Psalm 16:10
20. Detailed description of Jesus’ crucifixion. Psalm 22
21. Jesus our Good Shepherd. Psalm 23 & John 10
22. Jesus our King Psalm 24
23. Betrayed by a friend Psalm 41:9
24. Gall and vinegar given to Jesus on the cross Psalm 69:21
25. Jesus would speak in parables Psalm 78:2
26. Davidic Covenant is eternal Psalm 89:3-4, 20, 27-37
27. David said, “The Lord God said to My Lord, Jesus. ‘Sit Thou at My right hand until I make Thy enemies Thy footstool.” Psalm 110:1
28. Christ rejected by Jews Psalm 118:22
29. Jesus’ Triumphal Entry. Psalm 118:36
30. Virgin birth of Immanuel, Jesus, God with us Isa. 7:14
31. Jesus’ names and His coming Kingdom Isa. 9:6-7
32. The King and His Kingdom Isa. 11:1-10
33. Resurrection foretold Isa. 26:19
34. Description of Millenium Isa. 35
35. Coming of Jesus Isa. 40

36. Coming of Gentiles to Jesus Isa. 42
37. Rejected of men Isaiah 53:1-3
38. Silent before His accusers Isa. 53:7
39. Beaten, crucified and marred beyond recognition Isa. 52:14
40. Jesus’ substitutionary death for our sins Isa. 53
41. Jesus Light of the World Isa. 60:1-3
42. Jesus the Branch of David Jer. 23:5-6
43. Restoration of Israel and their Kingdom Ezek. 34:11-16, 22-31, ch 36, 37, 38, 39
44. Nebuchadnezzar’s image of world empires Daniel 2 JESUS, the STONE that crushes the kingdoms of this world.
45. Timetable of King Jesus Dan 9
46. Pentecost Joel 2
47. David’s fallen throne to rise Amos 9:11-15
48. Jesus in tomb 3 days 3 nights Jonah 1:17 Matt. 12:39-40
49. Jesus born in Bethlehem Micah 5:2
50. Desire of all Nations Haggai 2:6,7
51. Preceded by a forerunner who would announce Him. Malachi 3:1
52. Jesus Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem riding on a colt Zech. 9:9
53. Judas betrays Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. and casts the money to the priests who use it to buy
the Potter’s Field Zech. 11:12-13
54. Jesus’ return in glory to establish His Kingdom Zech. ch. 11-14
55. Elijah’s appearance before Jesus’ return in glory Malachi 4:5

Kingdoms, cities and nations
Besides the Messianic prophecies, all the prophesies concerning these kingdoms, cities and nations of the world have been fulfilled in detail.
Egypt Joel 2:19
Edom Jer. 49:7-17
Sodom Jer. 49:18 Gen. 19 II Peter 2:6
Moab Isaiah 26:10-12
Assyria Micah 5:5-15
Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. Dan. 2 & 7 Rev. 14:8, 16:19, 17:5, 18:10
Jericho, Joshua 6:26
Bethlehem Micah 5:2
Tyrus Ezekiel 26
Nineveh Nahum 1,2 & 3
Chorazin, Bethsaida, Caperneum Matt. 11:20-24

A reasonable assumption
When all the writers of prophecies, coming from different nations over a period of 2000 years of history, write these detailed prophecies concerning one man who is to come and every detail is carried out to the letter and when all the prophecies concerning this sampling of ancient cities and nations are fulfilled in detail; how can anyone question that JESUS is sent by God to be the Saviour of the world? Just think of the mathematical odds of one man fulfilling all these prophecies written by many different authors hundreds of years before He was born. The odds are mind-boggling. Can we not assume that the prophecies of Jesus’ second coming will be fulfilled just as surely as every prophecy of his first coming was fulfilled to the letter?

My purpose is not to convince you of my position on the details; but to encourage you to make sure your position is based on Scripture. We’re not all going to agree on every interpretation of Scripture, but we can agree that what the Bible says is true.

What concerns me is how the study of prophecy affects your life. Are you looking for His return? If you are a Christian you should be watching and waiting for His return. Matthew 24:42, 44 If you are a Christian, the thought of His return should cause you to desire to be living a pure life I John 3:1-3 and give you a joyful hope. Titus 2:11-14

If you are not a Christian, then His return is the most dreadful event you can imagine. Revelation 6:12-17, 20:11-15, 21:8 You need to come to Christ today before the door of salvation is eternally shut. Paul warns in I Corinthians 6:2, “Behold NOW is the day of salvation.”

If you are a prophecy enthusiast chasing after all the prophetic speakers and reading every book on prophecy and drawing your sword to contend with everyone who does not hold your position, then you have missed the whole point of studying prophecy. If our study of prophecy does not give us a renewed desire to deal with sin in our lives and draw us to a life of purity and love for others; then the prophetic knowledge we have is worthless. I Corinthians 13:1-2


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