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Prophecy series #20: Purpose of Millennium

What is the purpose of the Millennium? Why does God not just bypass the thousand year reign of Christ and take His own to Heaven right now. Let me give you some possible purposes for the Millennial reign of Christ.

To fulfill God's promises to Israel
God's promise to Abraham is found in Genesis 12:1-3 where He promises a Saviour to come through his descendants. In Genesis 13:14-17 God also promises Him the land of Israel for his eternal possession.

In II Samuel 7:12-16 God promises David, Abraham's descendant, that he will have an eternal throne and refers to his son, Solomon and also to His descendant, Jesus, who will one day reign on his throne.

Once more in Luke 1:30-33 God promises to Mary that her Son, Jesus, will one day rule forever.

The Millennial reign of Christ will be the fulfillment of those promises.

To prove to man his depravity
Natural men will live for one thousand years under the best of circumstances in a perfect environment and when the opportunity presents itself at the end of the Millennium, man will once more follow Satan in revolting against Christ. This will prove once and for all the false doctrine of men that if we just improve the environment, man will not commit crime, but will bloom to his full potential. Read about that final revolt led by Satan in Revelation 20:7-9

Peace when Jesus reigns
Though mankind has never experienced lasting peace in this world, when Jesus reigns peace and righteousness will be the hallmark of His reign. The theocracy which liberals dread, will be experienced and enjoyed throughout the thousand year reign of Christ on this earth.

Christ will be glorified
Philippians 2:5-11 tells of Christ's humiliation in coming to this earth and being mistreated and killed by sinful man. All of this has resulted in the salvation of sinners and will one day result in every knee bowing to Jesus and recognizing Him as King of kings and Lord of lords. Christ is glorified in Heaven today and by Christians throughout the world; but He will be glorified by everyone in that day.


June 3, 2006 - Posted by | Prophecy Series

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