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Prophecy series #19: The Golden Age

For centuries, mankind has longed for the Golden Age when there would be no more disease, crime, poverty and war; only peace, prosperity and freedom from all the ills of society.

The Pilgrims came to America searching for such a world. The framers of our Constitution, in dependence on God, were divinely enabled to write this amazing document with all it’s checks and balances to protect us from being taken advantage by powerful political leaders and would-be kings and dictators. Though not inspired to the same degree as the Biblical writers, our nations founders were certainly inspired and led by God in this great undertaking.

Two visions of the Golden Age
The God-centered view of politics bases its vision of government on a recognition that we truly are a nation under the sovereignty and blessings of God. This view is held by Bible believing Christians who hold Biblically-based values deep in their hearts. This view understands that we cannot force unbelievers to submit to Biblical values, nor can we usher in the Kingdom of God. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can do that.

Our concern is to promote personal freedom to preach the Gospel and strengthen Christ’s Kingdom on earth by winning the lost to Christ. We also oppose those who would seek to gain and misuse political power to further their godless, anti-christ goals. We pray that they will come to the knowledge of Christ.

We attempt to solve the problems of society by giving individuals freedom to solve their own problems with as limited government intervention as possible.

On the other hand, there are those who have a liberal view of the Bible. Many call themselves Christians, but hold to a man-centered interpretation of the Bible and to a man-centered philosophy of life. This political persuasion is made up of theological liberals as well as those who claim to be atheists. Basically, they reject the Bible as being the inspired, infallible Word of God and authoritative for their lives.

Such reject the righteousness and freedom found only in knowing Christ. The fundamental flaw in their vision of human government is their rejection of man as a sinner. They believe man is basically good and in the right environment and with a positive outlook on life, he can become as God. They believe sin is only negative thinking and that right and wrong are merely subjective opinions. They believe man is evolving more and more into the image of God. They see immorality as moral and true and loving and they see God’s moral standards, as taught in the Bible, as evil and negative.

They stress fixing man’s environment through legislation and education. They believe man can bring in world peace and God’s Kingdom. They attempt to further their cause through heavy taxation and through government solutions. They have control of the public educational system and seek to brain wash students to their godless philosophy. Until recent years they had a monopoly on the news media and the entertainment industry. Anything contrary to what they teach is considered “politically incorrect”.

Throwing money at problems does not solve them. It only makes people more dependent on the State instead of on God.

We Bible believers love the 23 Psalm that reminds us “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” They would say, “Government is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

These two visions are bound to clash.
God declared war on Satan back in the Garden of Eden at the beginning of time. See Genesis 3:15. There has always been enmity between God and Satan, between good and evil, between those who belong to Christ and love His Word and those who reject Christ and the Bible. That enmity will continue until Christ returns and forcible destroys His enemies and establishes His Millennial Kingdom on this earth. You can read about this in Revelation 19:11 through 20:4. One day Satan will be crushed and righteousness and peace will cover this earth when Jesus reigns. In that day, the religious liberal’s worst fear will be realized. He will be forced to live under a theocracy, under King Jesus, no less.


June 3, 2006 - Posted by | Prophecy Series

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