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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

Family series: Introduction

When my wife and I, both in our early twenties, started  parenting in 1956, I was pastoring a small church in the Sandhills of  Nebraska.  Our parsonage was next door to the church, but about five miles from the nearest neighbor and thirty-five miles of graveled road from the closest town and fifty miles of paved road to a larger town in the other direction   We had no telephone and of course, no television in those first three years.  Our only contact with the outside world was our little AM radio. In those days  an FM radio was a luxury we could do without.  Our 48 Dodge was our lifeline for help.  When it was not working we were stranded at home for several days.


Dr. Spock and the Bible


It was there that our first son, Steve, was born.   At that time there were few books on child rearing.  We had two: Dr. Spock and the Bible.  We used Dr. Spock to help guide us through the health problems of our infant son  and we used the Bible to guide us in all the other matters we needed to know concerning raising children. Both my wife and I can testify that God is faithful to His promises.  He promised us that if we would raise our children by His Word, that He would bless our family  and He has blessed us beyond measure.


Raising our children together was a wonderful experience.   My wife looks back on those days when our children were small as some of the happiest days of her life. In these articles I’ll share some biblical principles for raising children that worked for us. We never had a problem with “the terrible twos”  nor  “teen age rebellion”.  


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