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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.

Family series #4: Example

The third wall of protection for our homes is our example.  Without our godly example all our teaching and discipline will be meaningless to our children.  We  will appear as  hypocrites to our children.




Children learn from models. As little tots, their earliest models are their parents.  Little girls want to grow up to be just like their Mommies.  Little boys want to grow up to be just like their Daddies. As they develop beyond the infant and toddler stage, their models begin to include people outside their home: their Sunday School teacher, their pastor, a  school teacher, a scout leader, a sport’s hero, a policeman, a television character or another child.


It’s just a little poison.


It is essential to know exactly who those models are and what our children are watching on television.  We can be certain it is going to influence them for better or for worse. What goes into the minds of our children is as important as what goes into their mouths.  As we would not consider offering our children a plate of poison just because some good food was mixed with it,  so we  should not allow the poison of inappropriate television or movie fare to enter the minds and hearts of our children  just because it is mixed with good.


If we control the models to which we expose our children, they will learn to love what we love and reject what we reject. By the time they have reached their teens, their values will be set.


Do you want your child’s heart?


Every father should be able to say, “My son, my daughter, give me thine heart and let thine eyes observe my ways.”  Proverbs 23:26    Every pastor, every Christian  teacher, every Christian coach, all in Christian leadership should be able to say with the Apostle Paul, “Be ye followers of me as I also am of Christ.”  I Corinthians 11:1


Christian young person, let me challenge you with Paul’s challenge to young Timothy in I Timothy 4:12, “Let no man despise thy youth, but be thou an example of the believers in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith and in purity.”  Young people, you are a role model to younger children. Don’t let them down and don’t let the Lord down.



May 27, 2006 - Posted by | Family Series

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