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The Blind Lady Managed to Cross the Street.

 My wife was recently talking with her high school girl friend in Pittsburgh, Pa. who shared the following poignant, but humorous story about her aged mother. At the time of this story her mother was in her eighties and almost blind  with glaucoma.  She lived in Coraopolis, a town about a ninety minute drive by city bus west of  Pittsburgh. 

One day she took the bus to a funeral home in Kenmawr, a suburb half way between Coraopolis and  Pittsburgh.  After paying her respects to a departed friend, she attempted to stop by and pray in a church directly across the street.    For a moment she considered crossing the busy street, but then decided it was too dangerous.  So what did she do?    

She caught the next bus into  Pittsburgh and drove to the end of the line.  When the driver asked her where she wanted to go, she replied she would just stay on the bus and return to Kenmawr where an hour later she arrived at the church to pray.  As she was slowly leaving the bus, the driver probed for an explanation of this round about trip. She explained how she had been too fearful to cross the busy street and so decided to make the round trip. 

The kind driver assured her,   “If this ever happens again, I will stop my bus and personally help you cross the street.


May 26, 2006 - Posted by | A Merry Heart

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