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Church series: Which Church Saves?

From the magnificent Crystal Cathedral in southern California to the humblest little Baptist Church in the mountains of Kentucky; from the giant, modern day contemporary churches to the small independent Bible churches hidden on back streets of America; from the ostentatious TV sets of the modern Charismatic movement to the little Pentecostal churches in rural USA; from the beautiful Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, to the gigantic and powerful Roman Catholic Church; from the Jehovah Witness Kingdom Halls to the Seventh Day Adventist churches meeting each Sabbath day; from the liturgical Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopalian and Methodist churches to the free-spirited independent, non-denominational churches across America; from the Jewish synagogues to the Buddhist to the Muslims and whatever else is out there in religion land; I can positively affirm that membership in any of these temples or churches, including the church I pastor, do not save sinners from going to hell.

There is no salvation in being a baptized, devout, Mass-attending Catholic; nor is there salvation in being an AMEN shouting, baptized by immersion Baptist, nor anything in between.

Churches do not save. Baptism by sprinkling, immersion or pouring does not save. Good works do not gain you merit to get into Heaven. Sacraments do not save, nor do they make you holy. Being religious in order to go to Heaven is a lie of Satan.

My fifty plus years of preaching and pastoring churches does not add even an ounce of merit to make me deserving of Heaven.

All the money given down through the years to religious and charitable causes and all the hours of sacrificial labor has not enabled one soul to become a saint or earn Heaven.

Walking down an aisle in response to an invitation to be saved in an evangelistic crusade or in a local church does not guarantee Heaven for anyone.

Heaven is not for sale! The price is too high. You and I could never pay it. You can’t bribe God to let you into Heaven. God does not weigh your good works against your evil deeds to determine whether you go to Heaven.

Heaven is only for sinlessly perfect people. We cannot have one spot of sin on our record; not one lie, not one lustful thought, not one act of disobedience or unfaithfulness to God. That would be enough to send us to Hell for eternity. Are you ready to throw up your hands in despair and cry out to God, “I give up? I’m hopeless and helpless to save myself! God, in your mercy and grace, save me or I am lost forever!”

If so, God is ready to save you. He is ready to impute to you His very righteousness. In fact, the price of your salvation has already been paid in full by His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus died and rose again 2000 years ago to pay the penalty for all your sins. If you have given up trying to make yourself fit by your religious efforts, and are willing to trust Christ’s shed blood as full payment for your sins, God will save you right now. Ask Him to save you today. He will do it this very moment and you will know it. His Spirit will come to live in your heart and bear witness with your spirit that you now belong to God. You will be born again into God’s family.

Your assurance of salvation is found in His Word. Read John 1:12 3:16-18 5:24 6:37 and Romans 10:9-13 I John 5:11-13 Revelation 3:20. Believe His Word and be convinced. Read Paul’s testimony of how he turned his confidence from religion to Christ in Philippians 3. Then contact me and let me know you have been born again into God’s family. I want to rejoice with you and help you get started walking a new life of joy and blessing and purpose like you have never known before.


May 10, 2006 - Posted by | Church Series

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