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The Bible is much more than a book of religion.


"For our conversation ( citizenship) is in Heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ." Philippians 3:19 The Christian has a dual citizenship: an earthly citizenship and a Heavenly citizenship.

The son of missionaries, I was born in Peru, South America. When my American father died I returned at the age of four with my mother and my younger brother to her home in Canada where we lived for the next seven years. At the age of eleven I moved with my younger brother to "that nation south of the border", The United States of America.

For the next six years I had the privilege of attending a one room Christian school in South Carolina where my Indiana born school teacher, taught me her love and appreciation for America. After sitting under Miss Deardurff for three of those six years and learning of our American heritage and how this nation was founded and established under God, I was proud to be an American.

We Americans are quite an assortment; coming from every nation on the face of the earth basically for one reason, FREEDOM!!! Those who have lived under tyranny in other lands most appreciate that freedom that we Americans so often take for granted. But with that freedom comes responsibility.

In our homes and in our extended family circles, let us celebrate our native traditions, speak our native languages and sing our native songs; but as American citizens we have the responsibility to learn the English language, to learn American history, to learn our patriotic songs, to read and study our Constitution and other founding documents, to respect and honor our flag, and to obey the laws of our land so that we may better appreciate the freedom we enjoy in America and defend that freedom from those who would subvert it and take it from us.

As American citizens we have the solemn responsibility and precious blood bought privilege of voting in our elections. Our nation owes us nothing but freedom. Our nation is "We the People!" None of us are entitled to anything but freedom and protection from our enemies; both foreign and domestic. Let's get over this "victim" mentality; this total dependency on the government to supply all our needs from the cradle to the grave. Americans are not victims. The poorest of us are highly favored and privileged to live in this land where anyone with gumption and a degree of health, regardless of his race or nationality, can be successful. Thank God for the privilege of being born or naturalized American citizens.

But as privileged as we are to be American citizens, we are infinitely more privileged to be citizens of Heaven through faith in our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. May God help us, as citizens of Heaven, to be good citizens of the nation in which God has placed us. All those who honor and seek to obey the Bible make the best citizens. We are a blessing and not a burden to our nation.

Thank God for our godly heritage. How can we once more return to the God of our fathers and become a godly nation? II Chronicles 7:14 puts the responsibility on Christians. When Christians repent of their sins and turn back to God, He will hear from Heaven and heal our land. God's blessing on America lies in the hands of God's people. Thank God for the evidences we see that Christians are awakening to their responsibility.

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Chaos and Order

Someone has said that an orderly desk is the sign of a sick mind and a cluttered desk is the sign of a genius!  I’ll not attempt to argue that one way or the other.  I will say though, and I think you will agree with me, that order is better than chaos.


Have you ever noticed that there are two types of people; those who organize in piles and those who organize in files. Regardless of whether you are a files or piles person,  I think you will agree that order is a good thing.  God is a God of order and beauty.  Satan is a god of chaos and ugliness.


Observe the order and beauty of God’s creation. 


But in addition to the universe of outer space, there is the universe of inner space.  Every one of the trillions of cells of our bodies are composed of  billions of atoms.  Each atom is a universe in itself, composed of electrons  spinning around a nucleus.  The distance from the nucleus to the electron is 10,000 times the diameter of the nucleus. So when you stop to think about it, we are electrical beings made up mostly of space.


In the body of a healthy person are organs and systems all working together orderly and perfectly without our knowledge, concern or effort.  Surely we are fearfully and wonderfully made as the Psalmist observed  in Psalm 139.  Surely God is a God of order.


Order in  the Old Testament worship system. 

Repeatedly in the Old Testament, God commanded people to do things orderly. 

In  Genesis 22:9 we read Abraham, when building an altar for sacrifice, laid the wood in order on the altar.    In Exodus 40:4 God commanded Moses when setting up the table in the Tabernacle, to “set in order the things that are to be set in order upon it.”  In Leviticus 1:7-8, 12,  6:12, 24:8  Aaron the priest was to  “put fire upon the altar and lay wood in order upon the fire.”  Then the parts of the animal were to be laid in order upon the wood.

Repeatedly in the Old Testament, God commanded people to do things orderly.


Order in the Church

Paul teaches us in I Corinthians 14:40 to do things decently and in order. The Apostle Paul instructs Pastor Titus  in Titus 1:5  to set in order in the churches of Crete the things that are lacking and ordain elders in every city. Paul writing to Pastor Timothy in I Timothy gives an instruction manual for order in the churches.


Chaos everywhere today

As people depart from God and the Bible, they tend to move towards a chaotic life style.  As in the Book of Judges, when there was no king in Israel; “every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” Judges 21:25


When every man does his own thing it tends towards chaos. Today we see chaos in marriages,  chaos in  homes, chaos in the schools,  chaos in industry and in the stock markets, chaos in the courts,  chaos in government, chaos in the streets and neighborhoods, chaos in music, art  and entertainment,  chaos in dress and public appearance.


Since the 60’s  I have seen America and the rest of the world moving at an ever-increasing pace down the river towards the Niagara Falls of chaos and destruction.  As there was world-wide chaos in Noah’s day before the Flood,  so the chaos today is a warning that God is about to judge this world again, but this time with fire.  Matthew 24  and II Peter 3 warn of this coming judgment.


Is your life in chaos? 

I urge you to turn to Christ who alone is able to bring order out of chaos just as Genesis chapter one  describes how He created this world, bringing order out of chaos. Go to my link on SALVATION and  get it settled today. God wants to bring love, joy, peace, beauty, order and purpose to your life.

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