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Prayer series #2: Our Obligation

Not only are we privileged to approach God and spend time with Him in prayer, but we have an obligation to do so. I encourage you to read Psalm 65 and learn reasons for this obligation.

As a father gives gifts to his child, and waits for expressions of gratitude and delight, so God, our Heavenly Father, waits for us to respond in appreciation to Him for His gifts to us.

Why should we praise and thank Him?

1. We should praise and thank Him because He has saved us. Though we are born, helpless defiled sinners unworthy to stand in God's presence; Psalm 65:3-4 teaches us that He has provided salvation, including forgiveness and cleansing from sin, through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. Those who trust Jesus have the right to approach the Father in praise and prayer and worship. Through salvation we are privileged to dwell in His courts; that is, to enjoy intimate fellowship with Him. But more than a privilege, we have an obligation to spend time in His presence and get to know Him. We can best do that by spending much time in His Word and by faithfully attending a church where the Bible is faithfully preached.

By reading the articles on this web site with your Bible, you will get a good idea of what to look for in a church and be warned of false teaching that could harm you spiritually.

2. We have an obligation to approach God, because He is sanctifying us if we are Christians. Psalm 65:4-5 Salvation begins the moment we trust Christ as our Saviour. We are instantly justified and declared righteous and fit for Heaven through the righteousness of Christ imputed to us. See Romans 3 & 4 and II Corinthians 5:21

Having justified us, He immediately begins a life-long process of sanctifying us. That is, we grow in holiness and become like Jesus. That process will never be perfected until we arrive in Heaven and are free of our sin-cursed body with its fleshly appetites.

God sanctifies us through the work of the indwelling Holy Spirit as we spend time reading and meditating on His Word, the Bible. John 17:17 The Holy Spirit teaches us and convicts us of sin as we read God's Word. As we confess that sin, we are cleansed and drawn into closer fellowship with Christ. II Corinthians 3:18

God sometimes has to allow us to suffer in order to get our attention and to draw us to a closer walk with Him. Psalm 65:5 I Peter 1:5-8 and 5:10. Read Psalm 119: 67, 75 and learn that suffering brings blessing to those who seek to know God.

3. We have an obligation to draw near to God because of what He does in the world around us. Psalm 65:7 He stills not only the storms of life, but also the tumult of His enemies. Civilization owes its stability to the power of God.

4. Finally, we have an obligation to draw near to God because of His material blessings. They are beautifully summarized in Psalm 65:9-13.

Can you not see your obligation to draw near to God in prayer and through reading His Word? Again, it is not only a privilege, but an obligation.

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