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Prayer series #12: Our Attitude Towards Temptation

We Christians need not be in despair when we're tempted to sin or when tried to the limit by circumstance beyond our control. God is sovereign and in full control. In I Corinthians 10:13 He promises us that He will allow no temptation or trial beyond our endurance, but will with the trial provide a way for us to bear it.

Tests provide opportunities for blessing
In Genesis 22 we read of a severe trial God allowed Abraham to bear. In that trial God also provided a wonderful solution. Then in verses 15-18 we read that because of Abraham's faith in God, God poured out His blessings on him.

In Genesis 37 and continuing to the end of the book we read the interesting story of Joseph. Joseph was tried by God, and because he passed the tests, God blessed him by making him prime minister of Egypt and in that position he was able to be a blessing to his family, as well as to the entire nation of Egypt.

In Luke 22:31-32 Jesus warned Peter he was about to be tested. He assured Peter that He was praying for him that his faith would not fail. Jesus did not pray that the testings would not come; but that he would be strengthened through the testing. Jesus prayer was answered. Though Peter failed the test, he repented and God used him mightily to preach the Gospel and help the church get started at Pentecost.

Let us remember this lesson. When God allows testing in our lives, He is preparing to bless us and give us opportunities to be a greater blessing to others.

We are sanctified through tests.
Keep in mind that God uses tests to accomplish His work of sanctification in our lives. Sanctification is God's process of taking a Christian and making him a saint. All Christians are called saints, but most of us do not live saintly lives. For a clearer understanding of sanctification, go to the SALVATION series of messages.

Sanctification is God's will for every Christian. I Thessalonians 4:3. God planned our sanctification from eternity. II Thessalonians 2:13 He works this out in our lives as we read the Word, and as we listen to the preaching of God's Word by faithful Bible teaching preachers. As we are convicted of sin in our lives, we are cleansed from the guilt and given power to be victorious. In so doing, we gradually become saintly. Being a saint has nothing to do with self-righteousness. The true saint is humble. Self-righteousness is repulsive to him.

Be consistent in your prayer life.
We can only truly pray "Forgive us our sins and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil" as we seek God's strength to live a victorious life over sin. Otherwise we are being hypocrites when we pray.

So when the tests come and you are tempted to be in despair, count it all joy that God has seen fit to allow the trial, knowing that God is in the process of sanctifying you and He is getting ready to bless you beyond your wildest dreams.

So as we pray to be delivered from this present evil world system, "Thy Kingdom come" "Deliver us from evil" "Even so come, Lord Jesus." let us consider some practical things we can do to strengthen us for the testings that will come.

Read, memorize and meditate in the word of God. Psalm 119:9,11

Watch and pray lest we enter into temptation. Matthew 26:41

Be sober and watchful for Satan's wiles. I Peter 5:8-9

Be humble. The proud fall. I Corinthians 10:12

Welcome sufferings and difficulties. Psalm 119:67,71

Submit to God. THEN you can resist the devil. James 4:7

Flee from temptation to sin. Proverbs 1:10-33 4:14-15 5:3-11 7:5-10
I Thessalonians 5:22 II Timothy 2:22

Don't be stupid!
It is folly and plain stupidity to think that we are any match for Satan and that we can whip him by ourselves. I Corinthians 10:12 We are not to arrogantly think that we are "tough guys" who can handle the devil.

It is perfectly right for us to seek God as our hiding place. Today, if you need to be delivered, ask God for His deliverance and seek the strength of His indwelling Spirit to endure whatever you must face. As James 1:2-4,12
and I Corinthians 10:13 teach us, let us gladly welcome the temptations that draw us to Christ and to His strength, knowing that we will never be called to face temptations beyond our endurance, but that with the temptation God will provide a way for us to bear it.

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