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Abortion Series #1: Killing Babies

Right to Life is an anti-abortion committee, cause and slogan  that came into being in 1973 shortly after the Supreme Court legalized abortion in the infamous Roe v Wade decision. For the past three decades Evangelicals, Catholics and others have fought valiantly together for the protection of the unborn.


In this article I want to attempt to present to you what I believe to be a Biblical  approach to this subject.  I trust you read with an open mind and test what you read by the Bible.


Abortion is evil as is fornication.


Abortion is not a new thing.  It’s been around as long as mankind has been on this earth. But as a boy, I don’t ever remember it being in the news. I don’t remember preachers dealing with abortion as a major issue until the 70’s.  Prior to Roe v Wade decision,  it was not a hot issue and to my recollection; churches did not make resolutions, march or picket concerning this evil.


Before I go any further, let it be clearly understood that I am opposed to abortion.  It is nothing less than mudering babies.  In Bible times those who killed babies were executed. In fact, Exodus 21:22-25 teaches that if  men fought and a pregnant woman got involved and  was hurt or killed or the baby was hurt or killed, the one causing the death to the mother or child was executed. If the mother or baby were hurt, but did not die, he was still required to pay damages.


But in keeping with God’s Word, I am just as much opposed to fornication or adultery, the cause of many unwanted babies. It is as much a sin as abortion.  I am also opposed to cruelty to children.  It also is as much a sin as abortion.


Each Christian must determine his own involvement in this battle


It is the responsibility of each Christian to decide for himself how he or she is going to be involved in the Right to Life cause or any other moral issue. It is not our responsibility  to determine how other Christians should  be involved in opposing this evil. One thing is certain.  It is not our business as citizens to burn down abortion clinics and murder those involved in abortions. 


With that background I want to warn you of some humanistic philosophical ideas in the Right to Life Movement.  It is something that has concerned me over the past 40 years Please read carefully and test what you read or hear by the authority of God’s Word.  We do not all have to arrive at the same practical conclusions, but we must be open to the authority of God’s Word. Why has the Right to Life Movement become a major issue of our day and why have individual Christians and churches gotten involved in this movement?



April 3, 2006 - Posted by | Abortion Series

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