Hidden Treasures

The Bible is much more than a book of religion.


Thank God for human government. Thank God for our police officers and our military personnel who risk their lives daily to protect us from those who would do us harm.  Thank God for just judges who see to it that justice is served in the courts and who are more concerned with the rights of victims than the rights of criminals.  May God increase their numbers. 


Shame on a judicial system that perverts justice by accepting bribes and pay-offs. Shame on a system that allows felons back on the streets to commit further crimes.  Shame on a system that would free murderers, rapists and other violent  criminals on bail. What a terrible injustice and insult that is to victims and society in general.


The only true so-called closure for violent crimes is for the State to avenge victims by seeing to it that such criminals are punished according to the law.  God commanded back in Noah’s day, long before Moses and the Ten Commandments,  “Whoso sheds blood, by man ( by human government) shall his blood be shed, for   in the image of God made He man.”  Genesis 9:6   Moses  had much to say  about capital punishment  as he gave God’s  Law in  Exodus 21 & 22.


The Apostle Paul teaches by inspiration of God in Romans 13 that human government is God’s servant to protect citizens from foreign and domestic enemies.  He teaches that the police officer who carries a gun is acting in his capacity as God’s servant.  He teaches that the purpose of the justice system of the State is primarily punishment and vengeance; not rehabilitation.


No one is against rehabilitating criminals;  but that is not the primary purpose of prisons.  Some prisoners will be rehabilitated.  Other’s won’t.  Actually only God can rehabilitate a felon and that is through God’s Word working in his heart.  Only when the heart is changed, can the prison inmate truly be rehabilitated.


God’s Word also teaches that individuals are not to take personal vengeance into their own hands.  Justice and vengeance are to be left to the State to carry out. Romans 12:17-21.


Kings, presidents, governors and all in executive authority have the solemn responsibility under God to see that justice is carried out.  In  II Samuel 23:3 King David spoke by inspiration of God, ” He that ruleth over men MUST be just, ruling in the fear of God.”  Rulers, as well as judges,  must one day answer to God for their administration of justice.

Thank God for God-fearing men and women in high office who take their responsibilities under God seriously.  Because we live in a sinful society, we can never expect total, perfect justice until Jesus returns to reign as King of  Kings and Lord of Lords.  The Bible is filled with prophecies about this coming reign.  Some of the outstanding passages on this are Psalm 2;  Psalm 72; Isaiah 11:1-9;  Isaiah 35;  Zechariah 14;  and Revelation 19-20.


In the meantime, as we live our lives in this sin-darkened world, let us as Christian citizens pray for our political leaders as we are taught in I Timothy 2:1-4 and let us vote for principled, God-fearing men and women to carry out their responsibilities under God.  Let us be used of God to win the lost and ease the sufferings of injustice all around us and let us each learn  “to do justly, and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God.”  Micah 6:8   That is the most patriotic thing we can do as Christian citizens.

March 30, 2006 - Posted by | America

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