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Balance Series #1: Balance

Aaron the High Priest had beautiful robes. The hem of his priestly garments were beautifully decorated with golden bells and embroidered blue, purple and scarlet pomegranates. (a refreshing, juicy fruit of the Mideast.)  Read of the beautiful  balance of bells and fruit in  Exodus 28:1-2, 31-35.


Note in  Exodus 28: 2 and 40 that the purpose of these robes was for glory and for beauty.   Our family once vacationed in a State Park where there was a beautiful  place among the trees for religious services for the campers. I was struck by the sign at the entrance of this place;  “Worship the Lord in the holiness of beauty.”    They had it backwards. Beauty does not aid nor produce worship or holiness.   Rather, holiness produces beauty in our lives  and it enables us to worship God.   I Chronicles 16:29


Many people have the idea that they can only worship in a beautiful atmosphere. They are attracted to beautiful cathedral-like churches. A Christian should be able to worship God in any environment. I have worshipped God silently in my heart in an office surrounded by men who were making the air blue with profanity, vulgarity  and cigarette smoke. I much prefer to worship God in a beautiful sanctuary. 


Christians can worship God in any meeting place: in a room in someone’s home, in a store front, in a plain, stark church building or in a beautiful cathedral. There is nothing holy about meeting in a dirty, messy building. Investing in a church building to make it beautiful and functional  is not a waste of the Lord’s money. Matthew 26:6-13 records a story of Jesus being anointed by a woman with precious, expensive ointment.  Some complained of the waste but  Jesus reproved them and expressed appreciation for her sacrifice.


The Biblical truth is that as we become holy, we become beautiful in character and personality and even in appearance.   Holiness makes a woman more truly beautiful. Beauty of face and figure apart from beauty of character is vain Proverbs 31:30 tells us.  Any godly husband would rather have a holy wife than a woman who tries to beautify herself simply with cosmetics, expensive clothing and jewelry. I Peter 3:1-5 explains this. There is nothing sinful in the tasteful application of make-up and in having beautiful, clothing. The point is, that it is holiness that beautifies; not simply  outward adorning.


Getting back to the high priest and his robes.  Note the balance of the bells and the pomegranates.  Bells are seen and heard.   Pomegranates are seen and tasted.  In the next article in this series  we will examine areas needing balance in our lives.



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